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Last update : 2024-06-19

Giving meaning to my professional activities

With a background in communications and marketing, an international work experience, I think you might be interested by my profile. 

I discovered the world of public lighting in a comic strip about efficiency of new business models.Even if the use of a company offering public lighting is a way of talking about efficiency, company purpose and transition, this business book helped me to understand the issues at stake in this world and the needs of stakeholders and how interesting it is.

As a communications and marketing service provider, I’ve worked in a number of specific fields, and I quickly managed to get to grips with the messages. I’ve managed creative teams of up to 15 people.

I also worked in NGO’s, in France, and in Spain as a volunteer. (Details in my CV)

During the last few months, I graduated a diploma as a CSR consultant, to be able to create more content about climate, sustainability, transition, solutions, vocabulary and the different parts of a CSRD report. I’m aware of all kinds of contents on that subject in Europe, and also about what people need to hear, read, learn, discover. 

My strengths regarding the position are my human values in team and project management, my knowledge of the engagement needed in NGOs, my ability to manage multi-channel content creation projects, my writing skills in 3 languages and my ability to coordinate communication budgets/Business KPIs.

Content is king!

The experience that contains some of your expectations is my latest with CleverGreen Iberica, which helps companies adapt to climate change with several types of sustainable solutions. For 9 months, I managed communications and marketing for this Spanish company. I created the brand’s positioning and storytelling. It was non-existent.
Missions: B-to-C and B-to-B lead generation and brand awareness. I set up an organic communication strategy based on content and paid campaigns, for the short, medium and long term.

I produced all the contents, examples here >>>.

(SEO, SEA, SMA, SMO, blog, e-book, sales and acquisition funnels, newsletters, cold emailing, press)

Lately I started Press Relations with a Press Kit and creation of a new database.

After 4 months

Skills in branding and Key Opinion Leaders

I worked for Huawei Madrid as creative director of the marketing department for almost a year.

I was responsible for ensuring the correct use of the brand guidelines on all communication documents concerning retail products.

I ran the social media account of instagram to produce half of the content (visual and editorial) and run influencer campaigns with Huawei’s KOLs (influencers).

See those contents >>>>>

SOCIAL MEDIA PROJECTS I’M NOW WORKING ON (copywriting and graphic design)

As for the creative part, I invite you to take a look at my CV and see all the links to my previous jobs, particularly in graphic design (digital and print), video and photography.

Here’s a link to some motion graphics >>>>>.

One word, versatility

I’ve produced all kinds of content during my experiences in communications. I understand the needs of all the players in the chain, the processes, the production times and anticipate any potential bottlenecks.

I realized this value during my 10-month contract at Huawei. I became the reference for formats and production times.


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